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Artificial Joint Center

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What is an artificial joint?

When degenerative arthritis becomes severe, the knee joint loses function and the patient is unable to walk due to extreme pain. Artificial joint replacement is needed in this case. The damaged knee joint bone is removed, and an artificial joint made of special metals and plastic materials is inserted to complete the procedure. Bon Hospital aims for carrying out safe surgeries by conducting pretests, including x-rays, blood tests, urine tests, ECG, and blood pressure/diabetes tests in order to determine surgery suitability.

Artificial Joint


When artificial joint surgery is needed!

Degenerative arthritis (Osteoarthritis (OA)) is the most common knee arthritis and is a degenerative disease that slowly wears out the joint cartilage. It is commonly found among the middle-aged and elderly.

Patient with bowed legs before/after surgery

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1Eligibility for artificial joint surgery
  • 1. When the legs are greatly bent in an ‘O’ shape (bowed legs).
  • 2. When it is too painful to sleep
  • 3. When physical therapy or medications are no longer effective.
  • 4. When pain continues all day, and persists even without movement.
  • 5. When knee pain is too bad to conduct daily activities (e.g., walking, bending the knees, and walking up and down the stairs).

Artificial Joint Replacement

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