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Self Joint Preserving Center

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Osteotomy (Orthopraxis)

Osteotomy is usually recommended to patients under 60~65 years of age who have damages in the interior part of the joint. "Bowed legs (O shaped legs)" which commonly appear in women due to lack of exercise from a sedentary lifestyle, weight-bearing from pregnancy, and pelvis change from childbirth, can become worse from degenerative arthritis. Osteotomy is a surgical method that helps cartilage regeneration by shifting the burden of weight to a non-damaged area, decreasing the pressure on the damaged area and reducing pain. Osteotomy improves knee function, reduces the pain from arthritis, and helps cartilage regeneration. Recently navigation has been introduced to the procedure, calculating exact correction angles of the legs and allowing the procedure to be performed at a near 100% accuracy.

Osteotomy(Orthopraxis) before/after surgery

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Partial Artificial Joint Replacement

When the cartilage is too damaged to function properly, artificial joint replacement is used in order to restore the function. Artificial joint replacement is a method to swap out the joints. When knee joint pain is severe and there are many limitations to its function, we recommend this treatment method where the bone and tendon with arthritis is removed and replaced with a special metal or plastic. If only one side of the joint is damaged, we recommend partial replacement. If both sides are damaged on one side of the knee, we recommend a complete replacement.

Since partial joint replacement keeps the healthy parts of the joint and the surrounding tissues (ligament, tendon, knee bone), the joint function is restored very close to normal after surgery. Of course, the replaced artificial joints may also wear out, leading to a second replacement surgery. Also, please be aware that partial joint replacement requires a smaller incision area, narrowing the vision during surgery, so we recommend you go to a doctor with rich experience.

Partial Artificial Joint Replacement before/after

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