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Spine Center

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Spinal Disease

The initial response is important for spinal diseases. The spine has a very important role in supporting the human body with the neck, back, and waist bone. Everyone’s spine weakens with age. Obesity and bad posture burden the spine, and this leads to various spinal diseases, which modern people must be aware of. The causes of spinal diseases are hard to know and various diseases exist. It is because the area consists of a complex mixture of bones, discs, joints, and nerves. Therefore, the initial response is very important. Even if there is pain, with appropriate early treatment and consistent care, anyone can have a healthy spine.

Applicable diseases for endoscopy 2channel spine surgery
  • - Patients with herniated lumbar disc, herniated cervical disc, and spinal stenosis
  • - Patients with acute and chronic backache and acute and chronic cervical spinal pain
  • - Patient with senile degenerative stenosis
  • - Patients experiencing relapse after disc surgery
  • - Elderly patients with internal diseases like hypertension, diabetes etc
Benefits of endoscopy 2channel spine surgery
  • - Minimal scarring because there are no incision/excision
  • - Procedure takes approximately 30 minutes
  • - Because of minimal incision, the risk of bleeding, pain and infection are low, and surrounding tissues are not damaged.
  • - Lesser economical burden by being discharged from the hospital the day of, or the next day
  • - Through endoscopy, the procedure can be done by observing the part where the disc is sticking out
  • - Can treat lesions that cannot be found even with MRI
  • - Does not require the inserting of artificial bones or screws into the back
  • - No need for blood transfusion
  • - Direct compression (not indirect)
  • - Can be discharged in 4~5 days