Bon Hospitalwill become a hospital you want to rely on,
A hospital like a friend or a family member.

시간Outpatient care time
  • Regular hours
    09 : 00 ~ 18 : 00
  • Saturday09 : 00 ~ 13 : 00
  • Sunday/HolidaysClose
  • Lunch hour
    13 : 00 ~ 14 : 00

Bon Hospital Introduction

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We are a joint and spine specialized hospital representing Jinju, but we aim to go beyond our region and become the best joint and spine hospital brand in South Korea.


Providing the highest medical service through accurate diagnoses and treatments.

Providing the highest service for customer satisfaction.
Treating the customers with love as if treating our own family.
Provide a kind reception to help our customers conveniently use the hospital.
Constantly researching to resolve our customer's worries.