Bon Hospitalwill become a hospital you want to rely on,
A hospital like a friend or a family member.

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  • Regular hours
    09 : 00 ~ 18 : 00
  • Saturday09 : 00 ~ 13 : 00
  • Sunday/HolidaysClose
  • Lunch hour
    13 : 00 ~ 14 : 00

Greetings from the president

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I want to address everyone who cherishes our hospital.

And to everyone who visits the Jinju Bon Hospital website, we sincerely welcome you.

Bon Hospital promises to research and try our best into becoming an honest, sincere and deeply moving spine, joint and internal medicine hospital by providing the best medical providers, kind and experienced staff members, and high-tech medical equipment. In order to make this promise happen, we aim for these three values.

Jinju Bon Hospital strives to be a hospital that you want to lean on. We will put our efforts into becoming a hospital like a friend or a family that you can always reach out to during hard times.

Bon Hospital

strives to be a hospital you want to talk to. When you want to tell all about your discomforts to a hospital, we want to be that hospital. Also, a hospital you want to boast about to people around you, after having a great experience. Jinju Bon Hospital will try our best to become these hospitals.

Lastly, we want to be a hospital you want to work for. I believe that the peace of our patients come from the satisfaction of our employees. A place where anyone would want to work, we will make Jinju Bon Hospital a place of trust.

We will become a hospital like a flowing river than a stagnant ditch.

We will consistently put in efforts to take responsibility of your health through excellent medical providers and high-tech medical equipment. At least when it comes to spine and joint issues, so that there wouldn't be an inconvenience of having to go to Seoul or other cities, we will become an honest hospital that is based and devoted to our community. We promise that Bon Hospital will try our best to be a hospital that patients can trust and visit not only from Jinju, but from western Gyeongnam, and furthermore all patients over the country.

Thank you.

President of Jinju Bon Hospital 정석봉