Bon Hospitalwill make an effort for accurate diagnoses and
treatments to relieve the painof our patients.

시간Outpatient care time
  • Regular hours
    09 : 00 ~ 18 : 00
  • Saturday09 : 00 ~ 13 : 00
  • Sunday/HolidaysClose
  • Lunch hour
    13 : 00 ~ 14 : 00

Outpatient Consultations

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Jinju Bon Hospital does not accept appointments.
Our hospital follows a drop-in only policy.
Please remember this to prevent any inconvenience during your visit.

Outpatient Registration Method
  • 1) If you are visiting us for the first time, you must bring your health insurance card, ID card and request for medical care benefits (only applicable for medical care benefit patients).
  • 2) Depending on the inpatient volume, the wait time can be slightly longer. We appreciate your patience during this time.
  • 3) After registering to be seen that day, patients can provide their name at the medical department and then sit at the waiting area to be called shortly.
Outpatient Care Time
Division Office hours
Outpatient Care / Department of Radiology / Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine / Physiotherapy
Regular hours(Mon~Fri) A.M. 9 ~ P.M. 6
Saturday A.M. 9시 ~ P.M. 1시
Lunch hour P.M. 1시 ~ P.M. 2시
Sunday / Holidays Close
  • 1) Because our outpatient clinic can get very busy, please register by 4:30pm at the hospital to be seen that day.
  • 2) Same day registration on Saturday must be done by 11am.